Monday, August 9, 2010

A baking kind of day

It is absolutely freezing outside. Possibly about 10 maybe 12. My mad man father is out there gardening. I wonder if he will freeze his fingers off! We went out for morning tea at our fav cafe, had the amazing fruit bread again. Its a fav of mine. So is indulging in a latte. We have no instant coffee in the house at the moment, so we have to use the burko thinggy and the ground up stuff we bought at the market a few weeks ago.

On the menu today.. vanilla raspberry cupcakes, with cream cheese icing and a berry coolie. Sounds yum? I am yet to make it all. Im using the recipe that i used a few weeks back where the cupcakes (were so light like a cloud.) and popping berries. Im hoping they wont make the mixture soggy.

I got a letter! YAY! Will reply tomorrow. I have cards to make with the drawings i've done. Im keeping myself a lil busy. Though I admit today ive slacked off a bit and am annoyed that i cant find the masterchef magazine with the lemon tart recipe. I am going to make lemon curd tomorrow too. Maybe a lemon tart.... when given something i try to use that. I am going to make lemon chutney too.. will be nice on fish etc. and the curd along with the rhubarb jam made will go well with some scones.

Welpers. That's about it for the moment. Write more later alligator.


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