Sunday, August 15, 2010

to the city and back

Arrived in the city at a spritely 10:30am, the train was PACKED, lots of youngens heading to uni open days plus footballer supporters etc. Went to the lidnt cafe had two macaroons and a coffee. Delicious. I had a slated caramel, strawberry one. Then called in at the bookstore. Needless to say I restrained myself to one book.
Moved on to the tea store. didn't open to noon! So we went to meet up with besty.

Had fun waiting for the trams, as usual we missed one and that means a 10-15 minute wait in freezing cold weather and a jacket that is summer weight! brrrr! Thats the only coat I own though..... I vow to get one when sales happen, which it being spring in about two weeks there will be a more than likley bargain to be had.

Went to the woolshed for lunch. Its a beautiufl bar/dining area... super spacious.. and a lovely setting. Think I like the bar area the best with a nice roaring fire. The food was ok. The best was the pork belly in coriander and chilli. Lovely. I ordered the garlic prawns. Pretty poor, no rice, no cream nothing. They were rather bland. Louise barely ate anything, she was quite sad for some reason or another. Besty probably chose the best meal though out of all of us.

So said goodbye to lou and allen went back into the city. Feeling absolutely yuck.. my stomach was churnning and i felt ill. Im not sure what it was. ANyhow, headed for the tea shop. Of course purchased what was on the last. Bar the orange black (it must be that darn popular) and apple berry. They are not going to make any more hurro purro (raspberry green leaf) so i better use it sparingly me thinks. Also called into big w and found another book there at about 8 smackers cheaper than the book store. So i have some reading to do.

Anyhow... after that...went down the road across from the qv center is this very unassuming cafe called INternational cakes.. I had macadamia baklava, so delish
Welpers, after that, the train was packed with some people standing. Th only had 4 carriages on... silly billies. This couple sitting opposite mum and I took up sooo much space... i was gettting a lil annoyed to say the least. Put my eyes on my book and listened to my music and made it home.

Got home, had a headache. Went to bed.

Woke up this morning around 8ish. Not bad. Headache gone thank goodness. I cleaned out the top and bottom of my wardrobe. Found some books that I am going to donate to the library or opshop. Thinking I should start borrowing from the library. Ive cleared out all my archers bar 2. I know he has a newy out but I think I will leave it for now.

So today I have not gone anywhere nor done very much. I shall look for the perfect frame for my jewellery tree tomorrow. I saw myself yesterday and know now that I better take control of a few things in my life. Such as eating healthier perhaps swim again and learn something new. Right now I feel im a little lost and need a mentor of sorts... anyone?

well thats todays rant


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