Sunday, August 8, 2010


Its just gone 5:30am and I do not want to go back to sleep. I had a weird ass dream. These men were sewing their beards with sewing machines. I woke up before they cut my hair; All i know is that their beards were right to the ground.

Anyhow. I had a good weekend. Friday I mainly just went out briefly got some card stock.. but when I got home it is very very flimsy and I cant make cards out it, so I have to go to the scrapbooking store today. So what I did do is draw the owls onto the cards. Ive done about 12ish sheets so far. I made risotto for dinner.

Saturday rocks around and went down the road for a coffee but no cafe that we like was open so ended up buying some groceries for cooking with and came home. Had a tea and some cookies here instead. I then got cooking and made rhubarb and vanilla jam.. it is absolutely delish. Made egg and bacon pie for dinner with veg......then I did some drawing read some of my book,played some scrabble and watched some tv.

So sunday... well I basically did little other than house stuff. It was a stunning day so i sat at outside in the sun for about an hour or so. Dog jumped on my lap sitting like princess on a throne. Scootie will be 12 this year. AMAZING. We love her, yes she is a funny one.. she has taken to put her head on the pillow now too. He he. I swear she takes up 3/4 of the bed!

Welpers I guess its time for me to have a cup of tea at least its very very cold. Ive just put the heater on too. So breakfast is calling as my stomach is a rumbling.


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