Friday, December 31, 2010

new year

......♥☼♥.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♥☼♥......
╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗
.♫♫....♫♫♫.... Happy New Year .. ♫♫♫....♫♫.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Its been a few days now, not a lot has happened, just cleaning, shopping and baking. I made gingerbread christmas trees, the look really good and taste really nice, last years recipe wasn't as good as this one. We made royal icing and mum dipped the tips in and I put the balls and edible glitter on them. In all we had enough to make 5 and that was a single batch mind you. I put photos up on fb. It was lovely to chat to nicola trond and roman too.

Yesterday I baked some macaroons, only I got the texture right but they looked awful so i'm doing something wrong. This is my 3rd attempt at making them this year, i'm not going to let them defeat me, i shall make them again and they will hopefully work. At the moment I just taking a rest after mopping the floor, if i step on it i'll break my neck or something, and that is not on my list of things to do today! I'm going to have lunch shortly and then get walking, might take the long way this time. Instead we are having meringues with ice cream and berries.. I will bake later today.

Also going to sit down and make some decorations, i bought purple crepe paper, blank stars purple and silver paper.Sit down with mum, put on some chirstmas music and create them. Welpers I must get going now... write more later

outta site vegemite

Sunday, December 19, 2010

black pants

Went to fountain gate today, briefly, wizzed there, had breakfast, shopped and wizzed home a flying and fleeting shopping trip. I finally found black pants with no saddle bags and they look good, I also found a lovely summer weight skirt too. Black of course... in one store they were having 50% off and i could not be bothered waiting in the queue to try stuff on, that and it looked like they'd put out their seconds/ items that wouldn't sell.

I will be back later maybe

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I weighed myself today, almost 7kg lost now! YAY! So happy, though over this week I was kind of expecting to gain a little, all the walking is worth it. I walked four days.. carried heaps of groceries. Got my hair cut, kind of not liking it though.. oh well just have to wear it back for the next six months til it grows out.

Last night mum made irish cream in the blender... forgetting that the blender would cream the cream! So mum ended up straining the cream through the sieve and funneled it into the decanter.I had two lil drinks, warmed my belly up. It is the best, it wasn't sharp rather smooth.

Mum is napping so is dad so Im going to go peel the potatoes for the roast.. back later alligator.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am ever so glad that I did not send a harsh message to the lady i bought this necklace off of on etsy, as I ordered it about 3 weeks ago it arrived today. Its very pretty all reds. My business cards arrived too, also a parcel from one of dads friends in Japan. She is an illustrator never fails to send a card every year and so did a puzzle I ordered off my cousin.

So good things have come in three today. I bought all the ingredients to make mango, chicken and coriander rice parcels. Im making dumplings for us for dinner tonight. I went for my walk, and found that my sneakers did not give me blisters this time.. so perhaps I can wear them instead of buying new ones.

Its getting a lil packed down the street, kmart car park is full, coles carpark is packed..I have done all my shopping other than getting some clothes for me.. i need new jeans as the ones i own now are falling off me. Ive got to get the plants all potted up too. My lime tree is looking healthy and full of pee wee limes, it likes where it is though i almost killed it in winter by leaving it out in the frosts. Oooppsss.

I need a few summer scarfs as I love them, thin ones, I love hunting in op shops too. Welpers will write more later gator...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Went to warragul today, bought some beautiful purple tree ornaments, we have enough silver but not enough purple.. I think it needs a lil tinsel. The glass birds and angels look so beautiful under the tree lights.. I feel a lil bad though.. i kinda broke one ornament over in the shop and broke it.. it was an accident and I should have paid for it... but didn't.

I also went and got two types of coffee from the lovely store there, all ground up and ready to use, so then we have enough for about a month (ish). I just made burnt butter sage over gluten free pasta, the irony. So now I got a cup of tea and have settled in for the night.

Write more later alligator,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

done and done

A big thank you to a good friend who has helped me out with my art work.,... thank you sooo much. I hope you have enjoyed the goodies.

I have finished my christmas shopping and have mailed out nearly all gifts and most of the cards. I hope everyone like what I have sent. I was going to make jams and chutney for everyone.. Im mainly making that for family and a few friends plus potting up some succulents too. I bought more rhubarb, some cake toppers all the good things to bake with. Right now I have put the shortbread dough in the fridge for 30minutes.. Im hoping that will make it harder so then it doesn't just break apart and when its cooked I hope it melts in the mouth!

The smell is lovely, i cranked up the oven a lil bit as they are not cooking that well atm, I bought myself a scarf and a pretty pair of blue earrings for mum, got them on sale otherwise I would not have bought them. One of the items off etsy has arrived quite pretty really. Im waiting on my necklace to arrive so I can wear it with blacks.

Got an appointment on thursday to get my hair cut and styled, not sure how short to go. Right at this moment I have got the birds here again, one i've never heard before. Im a lil tired and have been having headaches a lot, not sure if its from eye strain or what.

Well I best be off now, done and done


Thursday, December 9, 2010

all in a morning

I got up early, started out making the key lime pie... which has been baked and is cooling down so I can put in the fridge,so I can take it with me tomorrow. I also have rhubarb and vanilla jam on the go at the moment too. A double batch, as the rhubard was on sale for just $2.48 super cheap from the little fruit place in the plaza. I like to support the little shops as I hate to see them close.

I found this beautiful juice of crushed raspberries and lemon, its good but a bit on the sugary side of things. So its not good for me, i think I may as well have had a glass of coke. Ive had my one coffee of the day. Though im like a sinking ship in need of rescue by the time 3pm rocks around, thats when i have mint tea.. but there is nothing like a coffee fix.

The jam is now all in jars with cute material on top. I need some sneakers too the ones I have give me blisters.. grrr. So im going to check out the sports stores here and see if they stock sketchers, you just never know.

So I have a feeling next week for a change, i'm going to get my hair cut and styled,.. not just a trim this time. Also Id like it dyed a bluish black raven colour. So now to get a wriggle on with basic house stuff, its not raining so I may even paint.

well thats it for now.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I remembered some emotions that I once felt, now I have not that which was but only what is. I was so caught up in that replay in my mind that the drink spilled from my hand to all over me. I missed out on a lot of things I starved myself of.

"the di is cast, the di has rolled, I feel like shit, you shine like gold"

Why I remember this quote Im not sure, it hasn't gotten me any further than the ponderings of what could have been if Id listened. I feel like watching some movies and curling up in bed let the day go and the thunder pass. Its raining a fair bit. I got the rhubarb to make some jam with, which I shall do early tomorrow morning , a double batch as its so cheap to make all it takes is my time. So i bought some baby food, organic fruit porridge or something like that ate one jar.... not so great to taste bleh rather but the jars are a perfect size for the jam.

Scooter and Oliver are very cuddly today cause of the storms. I need some proper walking shoes as the ones i've got now give me blisters *Sighs* (ouch) as I am going each day now, i push myself out of the house and let my feet hit the pavement. Im listening to the cure as I go. The two items I ordered off etsy are on their way! YAY can't wait. I got myself this beautiful necklace and I got mum a lil something too.

I think Im going to go get my eyes tested as I have been getting a lot of headaches after reading a lot. Never thought id see the day when I have to have glasses. Grr oh well. Anyhow I best be off for now

alright vegemite!

Monday, December 6, 2010

last few days

Went to taralgon only to find out when I got there that the person had the day off. Ho hum. So went shopping instead got some magazines and some other bits and pieces so I have finished my christmas shopping now. Just have to write some cards out.

I am just a lil low today not sure what to do. I bought some colourful pots for some of my succulents to go to.Yesterday we got a parcel sent to us was a suprise opened up to find we had won a book from a competition we entered from one of those puzzle magazines.

I went for a walk this morning. Now I am tired. Perhaps Ill go paint.

anyhow im off for a nap

Thursday, December 2, 2010


went for a walk today, only 20 mintues but its better than nothing. I watched a bit of cricket with dad, australia um are doing a lil badly actually. 3 out for 11 today. Anyway I will be off now..


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The storms lasted a few hours... so I have been drawing to pass the time.. its one of those things that I have been meaning to get back to for a while. i am out of good paper. I got these great lil hand stampers for lil kids.. but they are great to use and create great patterns on brown paper dress it up with some pretty ribbon.

We are having pasta with burnt butter sage for dinner tonight. The pot is on the stove, water is heating up. I did want to go for a walk but getting struck by lightening is not on my list of things to do today.

Im going to make jam tomorrow.. if there is rhubarb still around! Otherwise maybe a strawberry jam. Not sure which one i should make. So I better get going for the moment...