Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I remembered some emotions that I once felt, now I have not that which was but only what is. I was so caught up in that replay in my mind that the drink spilled from my hand to all over me. I missed out on a lot of things I starved myself of.

"the di is cast, the di has rolled, I feel like shit, you shine like gold"

Why I remember this quote Im not sure, it hasn't gotten me any further than the ponderings of what could have been if Id listened. I feel like watching some movies and curling up in bed let the day go and the thunder pass. Its raining a fair bit. I got the rhubarb to make some jam with, which I shall do early tomorrow morning , a double batch as its so cheap to make all it takes is my time. So i bought some baby food, organic fruit porridge or something like that ate one jar.... not so great to taste bleh rather but the jars are a perfect size for the jam.

Scooter and Oliver are very cuddly today cause of the storms. I need some proper walking shoes as the ones i've got now give me blisters *Sighs* (ouch) as I am going each day now, i push myself out of the house and let my feet hit the pavement. Im listening to the cure as I go. The two items I ordered off etsy are on their way! YAY can't wait. I got myself this beautiful necklace and I got mum a lil something too.

I think Im going to go get my eyes tested as I have been getting a lot of headaches after reading a lot. Never thought id see the day when I have to have glasses. Grr oh well. Anyhow I best be off for now

alright vegemite!

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