Thursday, December 23, 2010


Its been a few days now, not a lot has happened, just cleaning, shopping and baking. I made gingerbread christmas trees, the look really good and taste really nice, last years recipe wasn't as good as this one. We made royal icing and mum dipped the tips in and I put the balls and edible glitter on them. In all we had enough to make 5 and that was a single batch mind you. I put photos up on fb. It was lovely to chat to nicola trond and roman too.

Yesterday I baked some macaroons, only I got the texture right but they looked awful so i'm doing something wrong. This is my 3rd attempt at making them this year, i'm not going to let them defeat me, i shall make them again and they will hopefully work. At the moment I just taking a rest after mopping the floor, if i step on it i'll break my neck or something, and that is not on my list of things to do today! I'm going to have lunch shortly and then get walking, might take the long way this time. Instead we are having meringues with ice cream and berries.. I will bake later today.

Also going to sit down and make some decorations, i bought purple crepe paper, blank stars purple and silver paper.Sit down with mum, put on some chirstmas music and create them. Welpers I must get going now... write more later

outta site vegemite

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