Sunday, September 25, 2011

the big smoke

Got up relatively early to catch the train with mum to the city. We got there on time.. we had morning coffee at the cupcake place in degraves street... as I like that cupcake store better than the big chain that is all around the city. Had a mini mocha cupcake and a cup of coffee for $4.50 (good value) then went and checked in to the hotel....went and had roll with ham cheese and tomato on it...i had a headache so I had a lie down til about 3 then went and had afternoon tea. I had just a coffee this time... and starved myself for the other few hours (saving myself for dinner)

Did my face up and popped make up on plus my fun and funky earrings...changed dresses etc and left.. walked to fed square .. which was packed with footy goers..I guess it was the semi finals between the hawks and collingwood two big teams... and it was a sell out.. so of course nearly all the eateries and bars were packed out.. I opted out for standing outside acmi. Ang was her usual self.. late.. but not too bad this time. Cat was there too.

We walked to china quite a posh place.. but the food was totally worth it.. with some nice wine.. i ordered prawn toast...and then for mains I ordered ginger fish and rice... it was cooked beautiful. even if we did take about an hour deliberating what we wanted to order and ang tested the knowledge of the waiter..with wine and food.. he seemed to be able to answer all her questions.. which is a great thing... considering how fussy we all are...

We then went on to the berlin bar where we had a cocktail each... whopping sizes too.. i will go back there though one day.. the one i ordered sounded nice but tasted like raspberry cough medicine it was not so great.. the place was decked out nicely... the waiters were quite beautiful too..after that we wanted to go out out.. but my tummy was terrible...far out something upset it.. so I had to skip the rest and head home..alas I was a little annoyed but there was nothing I could do as I got the trots...

Alas went back to the hotel room and made myself a cup of tea.. which helped sooth my tummy.. i went to sleep about 3am.. and am still trying to catch up now... went to bed at 10 sat and 10 last might.. quite early for this night owl. Id love to go to the beach house with them but I know in myself I am not well enough.

The next day mum and I went shopping.. i bought two dresses and one top thing to go over it. Had morning coffee at brunetties in myer. A little bit of retail therapy then we went and had lunch at this place in crown.. i ordered ricotta raviloi with burnt butter sage and spinach and mushrooms.. the chef was a tad heavy handed with the salt... added a bit too much..i could only eat half.

Well the train home was not kind of glad that we caught the earlier one home.. as its the first weekend of the school holidays... and the melbourne show is on.. id love to go but i know id spend wwaaaaaayyyy tooooo much money on crap that I do not need. Especially on show-bags.

Yesterday... we still have a lot of lemons so i made lemon slice for everyone.. we only kept a little bit of it. The rest is to give away. Its a sunny 22 today i think i will for a walk.

ciao for now

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I was not brave enough to get my hair cut so i opted for a trim and straighten.An hour and a half later and my hair is super shinny and soft.. it lifted my spirit a little bit. I then managed to head to the supermarket to grab some bits and pieces.. then home... Im here now. It is a stunning day though.. such beautiful weather. I do so hope its like this tomorrow as i'm heading into the city and staying over night.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So started out the day a lil better than yesterday. I cannot for the life of me remember my dream. Which is not a bad thing I guess. I have been a bit flat all day though... I did go out for a bit... I made that donation to the opshop.. goodbye books.. i hope the find great homes.. i know they'll only make a few dollars but it's better than clogging up the shelves... I then went and got the groceries. just a few bits and pieces.. I have cut down and am trying to use what we have here at home.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair trimmed perhaps shaped and straightened.. no colour as my hair is quite black as it is... little grey through. I will write more later.

Monday, September 19, 2011

book out

So i went through the main bookcase today.. i will be making a healthy donation of books to the opshop tomorrow. I decided its time for some of them to go. I kept the ones I like plus got some out of the garage that id like to re read and popped them in their place and left a few empty spaces...

I made the pasta sauce a bit too onionish last night, i enjoyed the pasta mum however said i overpowered the dish. Anyhow I have not cooked that much, i made quiche last week and thats about it. Im going to make rhubarb and vanilla jam tomorrow.. harvesting the rhubarb from the garden.

I played three games of scrabble, I lost two and won one. My level is at a low atm though I am not playing 8 games a day anymore trying to limit myself a bit. Our jewelery arrived over the past few days... earrings.. off etsy. They are quite pretty and some are quirky and colourful.

So i'm getting my hair cut and straightened on thursday.. hoping that will life my spirits a bit. Im also going to get a leaflet from the gym tomorrow.. i've been meaning to for a while just a bit low... but if i put effort in going to the gym i can lose the kilos ive crept on over the past 10 years. I was talking to a friend the other day.. she gave me a kick in the pants that i needed really. Yes I can paint/draw but Im simply not doing anything with it.. so my cv needs fixing up and Im not sure how to approach working on it. Ive got to get into my art again.. im not sure what to draw.

Well along those lines... i've only been writing about one to two letters a week instead of the considerable amount I used to write. I used to go through stamps like water.. now it's once a fortnight per book. Ive got to find some new pen pals i think as the others have stopped writing all bar 2. Where has the lost art of letter writing gone? I guess its been replaced with email/text messages.

Well I best go now and start cooking dinner..


Friday, September 16, 2011


Went out today... went to go to a place in morwell but it was closed... so went to the one just over the road the cafe attached to the art gallery. I ordered the vegetarian breakfast.. arrived on the table very well presented bakebeans in its own bowl, spinach on the plate, mushrooms, homemade relish, two eggs, hash brown and sour dough bread. It was absolutely delish. I ate the whole lot which is why i havent eaten anything since and im now just snacking on some crackers. I got that and a vanilla latte (coffee is beautiful) we all enjoyed the food. The cafe is called So Swish... i thought it was going to be expensive but it was $12 for that price i was a happy camper.

Will write more later.. gonna go watch psych now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

here and there

Here and there my mind is so scattered with thoughts its racing and I can't stop. I made chocolate caramel and peanut slice.. its so evily good. I had mum take it to work or else i would have eaten a tonne of it. So i she has taken it to work.

I am still down. I do not like change that much, i generally resist. I think its on the cards for me. I spoke to a good friend at the weekend, lovely to hear from her. Also put it some more herbs. The mint has come back up.. thyme oragano look amazing.

I have been watching dvds lately of my fav tv shows. We are having pasta for dinner tonight.. though dad is having roast tomato soup that I made late last week. So i best be off now.


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Though I have been out and about a little bit. Though I have not walked very much or done very much this week. I guess Im just putting everything on hold until I make it til I make it to the end of next week. I have not drawn anything, i've just stopped. Downed tools so to speak.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

spring has sprung

Spring has certainly sprung..lovely lovely weather we are having. It is a sunny 20 today... and its the 2nd of september. I bought some azaleas to go where the borrage has run riot. I bought a few herbs too. The goji berry plant is looking well again, the blueberry plant loves its spot and the lime tree is just amazing, since we moved it under the eves for winter.

So i'll do a spot of gardening later on this afternoon. No drawing. No cooking. I made a quiche yesterday for dinner. Mum is cooking today. Must go now.. make a coffee.

spring has sprung