Monday, September 19, 2011

book out

So i went through the main bookcase today.. i will be making a healthy donation of books to the opshop tomorrow. I decided its time for some of them to go. I kept the ones I like plus got some out of the garage that id like to re read and popped them in their place and left a few empty spaces...

I made the pasta sauce a bit too onionish last night, i enjoyed the pasta mum however said i overpowered the dish. Anyhow I have not cooked that much, i made quiche last week and thats about it. Im going to make rhubarb and vanilla jam tomorrow.. harvesting the rhubarb from the garden.

I played three games of scrabble, I lost two and won one. My level is at a low atm though I am not playing 8 games a day anymore trying to limit myself a bit. Our jewelery arrived over the past few days... earrings.. off etsy. They are quite pretty and some are quirky and colourful.

So i'm getting my hair cut and straightened on thursday.. hoping that will life my spirits a bit. Im also going to get a leaflet from the gym tomorrow.. i've been meaning to for a while just a bit low... but if i put effort in going to the gym i can lose the kilos ive crept on over the past 10 years. I was talking to a friend the other day.. she gave me a kick in the pants that i needed really. Yes I can paint/draw but Im simply not doing anything with it.. so my cv needs fixing up and Im not sure how to approach working on it. Ive got to get into my art again.. im not sure what to draw.

Well along those lines... i've only been writing about one to two letters a week instead of the considerable amount I used to write. I used to go through stamps like water.. now it's once a fortnight per book. Ive got to find some new pen pals i think as the others have stopped writing all bar 2. Where has the lost art of letter writing gone? I guess its been replaced with email/text messages.

Well I best go now and start cooking dinner..


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