Thursday, December 9, 2010

all in a morning

I got up early, started out making the key lime pie... which has been baked and is cooling down so I can put in the fridge,so I can take it with me tomorrow. I also have rhubarb and vanilla jam on the go at the moment too. A double batch, as the rhubard was on sale for just $2.48 super cheap from the little fruit place in the plaza. I like to support the little shops as I hate to see them close.

I found this beautiful juice of crushed raspberries and lemon, its good but a bit on the sugary side of things. So its not good for me, i think I may as well have had a glass of coke. Ive had my one coffee of the day. Though im like a sinking ship in need of rescue by the time 3pm rocks around, thats when i have mint tea.. but there is nothing like a coffee fix.

The jam is now all in jars with cute material on top. I need some sneakers too the ones I have give me blisters.. grrr. So im going to check out the sports stores here and see if they stock sketchers, you just never know.

So I have a feeling next week for a change, i'm going to get my hair cut and styled,.. not just a trim this time. Also Id like it dyed a bluish black raven colour. So now to get a wriggle on with basic house stuff, its not raining so I may even paint.

well thats it for now.


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