Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am ever so glad that I did not send a harsh message to the lady i bought this necklace off of on etsy, as I ordered it about 3 weeks ago it arrived today. Its very pretty all reds. My business cards arrived too, also a parcel from one of dads friends in Japan. She is an illustrator never fails to send a card every year and so did a puzzle I ordered off my cousin.

So good things have come in three today. I bought all the ingredients to make mango, chicken and coriander rice parcels. Im making dumplings for us for dinner tonight. I went for my walk, and found that my sneakers did not give me blisters this time.. so perhaps I can wear them instead of buying new ones.

Its getting a lil packed down the street, kmart car park is full, coles carpark is packed..I have done all my shopping other than getting some clothes for me.. i need new jeans as the ones i own now are falling off me. Ive got to get the plants all potted up too. My lime tree is looking healthy and full of pee wee limes, it likes where it is though i almost killed it in winter by leaving it out in the frosts. Oooppsss.

I need a few summer scarfs as I love them, thin ones, I love hunting in op shops too. Welpers will write more later gator...

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