Wednesday, August 25, 2010

gift cards

As you can see by the change in my header picture I have been making gift cards. I have spent a "little" bit of money and effort. Most of them are from pictures I have`drawn and I have also been using some beautiful ribbon. I am needing some business cards, I am yet to have done, perhaps a photo of my paintings.

Its super cold today, I went out dressed in my jumper shirt and thermal and it was so icy. Im glad the bus stop is right out front. I received a letter from one of my penpals, I shall write back. Speaking of that, I have managed to lose my fav. calligraphy pen,grrrrr so mad with myself.

I went to have soup in a cup... it tasted like eating a bleedin stock cube with peas and a lil carrot. Bleh. Having some veggie burgers with salad for dinner. I am going to make lemon curd tonight most likely.

Well back to the drawing board.


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