Saturday, May 7, 2011

big smoke

So its early sunday morning here.... i took t `he cat outside for a walk.. looks like its gonna be a beautiful mothers day. Yesterday woke up at 5:30am..... went back to sleep for an hourish, got ready so we could catch the 8:25 train.. thinking that it wont be busy...and very busy it was...lucky to get a the reserved cart.. we plonked ourselves down..just mum and I.. i could not read i was sitting next to some old dude who had a briefcase on his lap. alas I could not move...i just listened to music all the way to the city.

Once there... we went down the side street to go to the crepe place.. but skipped that in favor of heading to brunetties in myers for a coffee. After that.. we were heading down stairs and I spotted some clothes for bigger women.. much like myself.. i needed a coat.. but ended up finiding a beautiful black cardigan i thought was on sale.. not so i almost fainted at the price.. but paid it anyway... its really warm and looksgood on me. So i ditched my srcuffy clothes.. a coat that had paint on it... which i was content in wearing but mum being mum of course.. Anyhow.. beautiful dresses and beautiful pieces to wear there.. i only had 20minutes so I tried on one dress.. i needed a few sizes down as the one i tried on looked like a purple potato sack on me!

After that went shopping for a little bit.. i love anon. posh in the royal arcade.. I also visited my fav stationary store.. yay! I cant afford anything other than the envelopes and note paper in there.. so Im happy with just my envelopes. Met besty at noon.. must of been a comic book convention on somewhere around the place.. loads of kids dressed up some rather interesting characters. We then walked to hardware lane... well it was hardware st.. it was pretty hard to find.. we kept walking and walking.. til we found it.. called The Hardware Society... a melbourne institution really the dont take bookings and so we had to wait about 15minutes for a table. I ordered a latte absolutely great not burnt or anything.. just nice..and i ordered a toastie with cheese ham and egg... delciously yum... besty ordered fruit toast and a hot chocolate which is pretty amazing.. comes in a jug.. pour it into the cup.. catherine kevin and evonnne all ordered too.. the food is great there and I will most certainly be back there. Needless to say I had 2 coffees there plus one at myers so I was wired for sound.

After lunch some departed.. we walked to spencer st and just talked.. sat down at another cafe and just chatted.. all I wanted was a glass of water that was it. For about an hour then it was time to head for the train.. heading home from the big smoke i focused on reading my book.. whilst mum slept.. the novel is far.
Im so saving to head back shopping for shoes and clothes and perhaps seeing Andrea and organizing another exhibition. I need to save! I so love to spend!

So home it was.. and I wound down with a few cups of tea.. and a good dose of morse on seven two.. this morning jumped out of bed and motored on to make mum a mothers day card.. made her a coffee picked some flowers to make a posy for her with cornflowers.. carnations.. and daisies.. it looks rather pretty.. i bought mum these beautiful blue earrings.. and am taking her out to lunch too...

so i better get a wriggle on now..


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