Monday, January 31, 2011


Since my last blurb I am now a proud auntie again, to little Noah.. He is a tiny tiny baby. Cute too.

It is very very hot well these past 3 ish days have been, i look forward to the change that is onit way. As for the past few days it has been scorching hot. We havent had much of a hot summer but right now with one month to go its started heating up. Even at 8 this morning it was already stinking.

I woke up an about an hour later the water works people are out side they are doing work for the next few days so no water from 9-1pm. Ive only just popped the wash on. Filled the kettle, filled a bucket, filled the water jug. drank most of the water from there. Played a few games of scrabble, have my drawing paper out with my markers, just have to put pen to they say quicks the word, sharp's the action.

I bought more goodies off the net, they will probably arrive tomorrow. (I hope) if it cools down I will do the ironing and then go for a walk. Perhaps see if scooter may like a walk... I will put the harness on her and just see her reaction. The last time i tried that she go a lil way stopped and I had to carry her home. Silly billy.

So Im sitting with the air con on and dad eating his lunch. I just played a few games of scrabble. '

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