Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I had this dream last night the only bit I can remember from it was this guy pulling out a pair of fangs from some extinct animal and was about to dig them into some other dudes shoulder and that is where it ended, I woke up. I have a feeling its because there has been a lot of media hype around them trying to bring back the tasmanian tiger and i watched footage of it on the news. It is pretty scary stuff, the kind of stuff that jerassic park is made of. Can you imagine that they start doing what they did on the matrix and that being they had humans being born in artificial wombs. I wonder when that will happen in this world today.

I am listening to Rachael Yamagata.. she has such a beautiful voice. Reminds me a lil of cat power. There is an old one for you! I have done my good deed for the day, I dropped in two whopping bags of books to the op shop. I let go of my chick-lit books nearly all of them bar 2, it felt good. They we just sitting in the garage getting dusty... i was going to sell them at the market but well they may as well make some money off them for charity. So i spoke to Kylie yesterday and she said a very good thing...borrow chick lit from the library! That way i won't waste my money. I can spend it on proper books.

I have started reading Rushdies newy i must say it is very good thus far. I am going to paint later. Though i have a bit of the birds tweeting at me today. Grrrrr. When I close my eyes sometimes i see the other universe,not in spots but in whole colours. I guess dreams are the alternate to this life and at times it feel like im living in my head more then in reality.

Well must motor


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