Sunday, November 21, 2010

hot days

We are in for some rather summery weather over the next few days... some days over thirty... so I got up relatively early and painted... i decided to work light to dark.. cept i went too dark in th middle... so im going to try and fix that up. I think the darer shades need to be on the edges. Oh well.

Other than that I have done little, attempted to have a nap woke up to the dog choking on gosh only knows what.. she was sick. Has stopped now though. I watched oprahs interview with jk rowling.. rather interesting. Though I have never read harry potter books at all. I have seen two of the movies though they were good. I have about 3 books in my reading pile now getting through them one at a time..

I just didn't feel like going for a walk today either, maybe after the filling dinner of bakebeans i shall. I could not bothered cooking either. As good as dumplings or meatballs are. So dad is already outside in his beloved garden, spraying the flowers with seasol i think.

I must admit i think we went a lil overboard on the word "small" parcel.. oh well its only once a year (well add an ish to that) I hope mum and auntie anna enjoyed themselves in the city. So back to cooking tomorrow no matter how hot it is going to be...

write more later alligator

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