Thursday, November 18, 2010

here, there

Here and there today, this morning I thought man i've missed the bus... so I decided to crank up the music and leg it... half way down service rd the bus passed me. I thought oh well, damn. I think it ignited my passion for walking again. I have not done that in quite some time as I have always been afraid of the bridge.

I have done a few house things, a lil gardening in my herb patch moved some borrage plants from there to the fence line.. I am going to see how they grow there, if they work they will look spectacular and i can get some smaller flowers to accompany them at the base. I put seasol on them and if they last a week I shall transfer more. I have to get the basil plus lemon grass in now the frosts have gone. I have nursed my lime tree back to full health it looks beautiful blossoms and mini fruits on it. I have been feeding it coffee grounds and a lil extra plant food as it is heavy feeder (i read somewhere) I am going to wash the pots and put mints together. Happy am I that my lemon verbina has come back from what I thought was dead so did dad but in this case mum new best! The garden is hard work, dad does nearly all of it I only have my lil patch but that is enough and am wrapped that dad is listening to me and leaving the plants clumped together and not have one flower here and the other a meter away, as we just had a beautiful stunning display of iris in amongst a lush green and pink plant with geraniums.

Scooter is missing dad, she sits on his lap nearly every afternoon after he has had his lunch and they generally nap together it is very cute. So right now she is on his chair sleeping with her blanket over her of course. I spent a few hours surfing i tunes trying to find some new music to buy.. i did in the end bought some oldies but goodies and some newies. I am loving Fleet Foxes the remind me of moody blues.
I got clare de lune now.. how I love that piece of music. When I listen to Rachael Yamagata she makes me want to cry, especially the song Elephant. It is beautiful.

We are heading out for chinese tonight. YAY. I have not had that in quite some time.
So I guess I will get going now...

have a few things I must do.

in a while crocadile


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