Sunday, November 7, 2010

poor oliver

Woke up to lil oliver sitting with weeping eyes and saliva dribbled everywhere,poor thing. So we took him to the vets, the diagnosis is that he has the flu. U can feel his hot temperature on his lil ears still, they gave us some medication that he has to have every day. He is no well at all, more cuddly doesn't mind being petted and sat on mums lap even though there were two big dogs there in front of him. So it is just rest for him, mum is out at the shops getting some fish for the pets plus a few other things. We are to back in a week.

Mondays are soup days for mum and I. Soup for lunch soup for dinner. Went shopping today got two new tops ( i said i wouldn't) one is tight but I think that by the time next winter comes I should be down to that size. The other is a beautiful, yes i know, purple top, all I was after was some black trouses/jeans. I am still in grey cords, my fav $2 buy. I bought some lovely material to cover up my jams with, pink spottted, not the gingham i was after.

I am going to attempt to make cranberry, strawberry and vanilla syrup to go with a cake that i'm taking to a friends house next weekend. I want to trial run it.. as it will go with ice creams, desserts, cakes , vodka and soda water. I want to test out a mango butter as well... only when the mangoes cost $1 though. I found these beautiful jars to buy too, im on the hunt for some nice bottles. Perhaps warehouse there will b some.


in short that is today.

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