Monday, November 15, 2010

big smoke

A rather un eventful weekend really. So yesterday went to the big smoke, took some photos of some street art. I could walk around all day and take snap shots. Its fun, For a tiny camera its pretty sharp. Mum and I went to a cafe called cumulus, now baring in mind its a monday at 10amish and it was packed. Full with a different array of people, we ordered a ham and cheese toastie the bread was really lovely and we also ordered a wicked morning treat a french style gingerbread topped with candied nuts, cream/butter over the top. I had a cup of tea to cut through the sweetness mum had her usual.. long black. I really like the atmosphere/vibe in the joint. I will be going back there for sure perhaps make it a new haunt.

Once breakfast was over we went for a healthy dose of retail therapy, first stop, book store to get the tinga tinga book for my lil nephew, so bright soooo clourful i worry that he is too old for that now but Im going to send it anyway. I also bought Salman Rushdies newie.Luka and The Fire of Life. i have not read any of his work in quite some time, I loved midnights children (i should read that again) (its sitting in one of my book boxes in the garage)(like half of my stuff) Sometimes I feel like grabbing one of my boxes and bringing it in and sifting through it. Especially hunting for these beautiful asian bowls I have got somewhere.

Anyway after book shopping, went to the tea store, my fav shop, greeted by the gentleman who owns it bought my fav huro puro puro (raspberry leaf green tea , apple berry green tea and two new ones lemon myrtle and ginger plus an orange/ marigold. Walked a few places here and there came home on the earlier train as I was not feeling so great.

So today is a new day of course. Went out for a bit, at the post office I spent a lot of time working out how to place some stuff in a bloody box.. i ended up using the bigger one and just padding it with some extra sheets of bubble wrap. needless to say it took about 15 minutes to figure that out.. after trying the small box it was just a fraction too big for.. grrrrr. So i had no time for a coffee at all. Just hurried up for the bus and then home.

I woke up at 5am the alarm sounding as dad caught the 6am train to the city to go to his record friends house/shop. I am tired now and its only 2pm... mum must be exhausted as she is working. I need a nap. The cat jumped on my bed this morning and curled up near and of course promptly went to sleep which is a rare thing. Now he just woken up and wants to go outside.. hmm.. well anyhow..

I best be off...

ciao for now

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