Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I stayed home yesterday and did well little. I had an unproductive day, I did not paint, read or write, i watched nikita online instead. Not all episodes but some of them. This morning I turned it to abc kids, there just so happened to be an ainmation on called Tinga Tinga Tales, using animals to tell tales about african animals. Its terrific, the dvd doesn't come out til next feb so means i'll have to tune in to the abc at 9:25am each morning! Well if Im not out already. The vivid colours add to it too. I think I may invest in some of the books too its aimed at 3-6 year olds but well i love it!

So now it is quite warm outside and I quite fancy painting for a little bit. I want to get a bit of work done. It looks like another day at home. Welpers I better be off. Went down the road and got the ingredients for the cranberry/strawberry sauce I am going to make to go with the flourless chocolate that i'll do on friday. I found some big beautiful jars for my jams at a cheap rate of $2 each it sure beats paying $20 for five, i can get twice as many now.

I managed even though I'm feeling down, to go out. Tomorrow I better go see what herbs are available, get stuck into my herb garden. I need to plant some basil. I am craving pasta at the moment, might have some out as a treat. Tonight mum cooked some steak and served with Asian greens and potatoes. Other than the local news paper, I have not read anything today.

I'll get by


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