Friday, November 26, 2010


So I finally finished Luka and The Fire of Life... a brilliant novel that really sends you deep in the hills of imagination. I want to sketch some of the creatures he created.. such as bear the dog and dof the bear, nobodaddy,the elephants ducks, the landscapes, respecto rats the gods, mists of time etc... I was so lost in this enchanting world. Just a briliant book. I have to buy the first one.. i've read them in the wrong order but oh well.. I wish the adventure was lord of the rings thick! Perhaps I will go back and mark pages so I can draw from that.

Im wearing gold earrings and my gold rings... I felt like a change, i don't wear gold that often as I feel it does not suit me. White gold, yeppers, indeedy. It has been raining on and off good for my plants the I put along the fence line have settled and are growing nicely so I'll move at least 10 of them from my herb garden along there... will even put more herbs there.. i re-potted my aloe veras making one pot into 4 pots.. I have a few I have to jolly well swap over. Think dad and I combined have a green thumb.

So I voted, in and out of there in 5 minutes, quick, no long queue then went to a cafe for brunch. At the moment I am having bird psychosis, the only thing I can do is close the windows.. I have one i call the weeping bird another I call anthony bird, one that is the loud bird and the other is the angry bird. Scooter talks to me with her eyes at times and oliver not so much. I cant take it at times it un nerves me a lot and really shakes me to the core.

I based a story once when I was a teenager on a lyric from a song by tanya donnely "she walked everywhere on her hands cause she doesn't trust where her feet want to take her" I created other characters to go with it. Id like to find that story, i think I could edit it better now.. back then I tried to use the dictionary to find the biggest words possible and fit them into my story I thought I would come off as being more intelligent, now I see it as ill fitting. My teacher once told me that my writing was like "a purple patch of prose" and looking back.. he was right. I also wrote a story about a boy who went in search of his soul.. he traveled through the sky etc pretty much got the same comments back. Id like to write a short story but my imagination isnt as vivid as it once was.

So speaking of which in the alternate universe I dreams about mish and leanne and her mum... i was visiting somewhere and leanne had all these ribbons on her back i could reach them, tangible. They gave me ribbons but the only other thing I remember from this dream is that I wanted something that her mum had bought back from africa instad and it was a small image on some sort of thing hanging up.. of an african woman.. a shadow. it was red. All i can remember is them saying "you are too greedy" argh thats it thats all i remember.

So I let mum and Lou go shopping together they offered me to go with them but they need time together, Lou and Al are only down once a month roughly. Next time will be christmas.. anyhow.. that is for the moment



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