Sunday, November 21, 2010

spring clean

Spring cleaned the house today with mum... woke up at 6 went back to sleep woke up at 10 got up and started shortly after breakfast and began the day. So top to bottom... done and dusted literally. Forgot to have a coffee, stuck to water and lil glass of coke.

I know i strayed somewhat a lot from my diet this week.. possibly the junkiest week I have ever had for a long time. Back on the wagon this week though.... soup all day tomorrow.. mondays are cleansing days.

It completely slipped my mind that my auntie was making a pineapple pie for my lil sis and alan were supposed to come home this w/d. So we now have a few lil tarts to eat she made them as they are lous fav and it slipped my mind to tell her that they would not be here. OOppss a daisy.

Well we have done all the christmas shopping for o/s gifts will be frequenting the post office this week argh oh well. Just means more money flying out of my wallet, though i guess it isn't really the season to save.

I am one tired out chickadee

cheers and goodnight

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