Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I made some more jam today, i almost burnt it. SO its a very jammy jam. I made double and so there are four jars here awaiting to be gifted. I was super tired so I had a nap at noon til about 1:30pm ish. A wave of tiredness swept over me.

I have marinated the chicken following the recipe, peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, soy and coriander. Its called sticky chicken and you have with brown rice and asian greens. Repcipe from weigh it up australia. So far its one of my favorites. This is the second time i've made cooked it.

I was "off the wagon" of the diet and today jumped back on. I am listening to moby at the moment. Thinking about some good times I had listening to some of these songs, especially at St Georges Road. I miss that house. It was a lot of fun living there I loved it. Now I am living at a very different pace, here in the countryside and i'm much older but i miss living in the city.

My life feels at a stand still. I spend so much time at home and not enough out. Well dinner is a cooking and I better go check on it.

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