Thursday, November 25, 2010


Posted two parcels today.. cost and extra $9 for some reason or other to send any parcel to the us now grrrrr...the other one to nz see if it arrives there in one piece and not smashed which i fear it just may. *Sighs* Oh well my fault for not packing it well enough. So I had a coffee out this morning, got mum some cherries and have baked the lime tart, i have other house stuff to do but will once Ive had lunch. I am also making mint pesto as I have heaps of mint in the garden.

I read some more of luka and the fire of life... its really good and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Scooter is curled up next to me here.. she is good company and I always end up talking to her..same with Oliver... It will be good to have lou and alan here for the weekend.I have to vote tomorrow, labor or liberal? Hmm which one?

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