Sunday, June 27, 2010

a team

I went and yes saw the movie a-team (voluntarily) it was just a lot of action/fun mindless film. So unrealistic that is was a little bit silly beyond belief pure ridiculous escapism really. There was no great speeches, some subtle funny things, a bang bang shootem film. Well its a few hours i'll never get back!

So i'm waiting for eat pray love to come out in august. I have read the book, its good, i enjoyed it.. now have to see how they have adapted it to film. Julia Roberts is the main star. That comes out mid august.

I enjoyed boiled potatoes with a lil butter.. instead of roasted ones. Its bloody cold here now... only a top of about 13 for the rest of the week. I have a lot of iris bulbs to put in, plus tulips too. I am wearing my hoodie slippers and still my feet are frozen through. Brrrr. I guess it is winter.

Anyhow it was good to catch up with besty at the weekend, went to warragul had something that was supposed to be a banana caramel cake... bleah more like dried banana, with a gelatine cheese cake bit and chocolate stuff on top... to put it politely it was crap. I only had a bit and left the rest. Dad had some and thought the same. I wish i had what besty had... which was a caramel slice... hers was home made like mums.

Speaking of home made.. i am making cookies for a few people on wednesday.. i have a cointreau/almond meal recipe i want to try and see if will work. I am also making a chocolate mint cheesecake for louises birthday this coming weekend. Im cooking dinner for the next few nights. Got tofu, beans and a few other things in mind. Mainly using what we have in the pantry.

I best be off now... ciao

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