Saturday, June 12, 2010

the magic of a blender

Generally I only use the blender to crush cookies for the base of thecheese cake.. slicing and dicing food and lil more than that. So today i looked in the cookbook.. and discovered that I could put the cream cheese in there and eggs lime etc. So instead of slaving over with beaters I used the blender... the magic of a blender. I am thankful...usually I try not to cheat. It felt like cheating or cutting a corner.. insted of 3 hours it only took 2.. though the only thing is the amount of dishes at the end...! Besty helped too... ! I turned the page in the cookbook to see the next recipe and BANG and BINGO i found a recipe for red velvet cake ... YAY! Perfect... all the ones I have found so far have not worked.Or misreading of the four cups of cocoa.. lol I am making it for my aunties birthday on tuesday.

So i had a cointreau lime soda this afternoon, a nice relaxing drink. Its made me a lil sleepy.. and ready for a nap. Well Im waiting for the cheesecake to be cold... and im not sure what is for dinner. Might go fix myself something maybe last nights risotto.

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