Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Im obsessed with drawing these trees. Ive been drawing them over and over and over all colours. I bought some more markers, an art journal and some oil pastles to experiment with. I spent a fair bit today. Oooops. Its not like I have spent too much anyhow within budget. I got my artist discount too. Think I may go to the library and grab some books off the shelves and look at some art work. I dont have too many books here and I need to be inspired some more. That being said, I am feeling quite down and I think it's just cause of whats happening in the world at the moment. At times my dreams seem better than waking up.

So i'm drawing it out. I feel like I heal through my art. Im going to get a few bits framed over the next few weeks. So what now for this little bee? Well I drew a lovely picture for the front page of journal. If I work like the clappers over the next few weeks I can make the market for april at yarragon. I want to go check out this art therapy group that runs at the old convent in abbotsford, see if I can link in with them or be inspired to actually do a course.

So right now Im a bit on a sugar high, had too much coffee today and I have not fallen into a slumber yet...IM sure I shall sleep later...my bed time as of late has been midnightish just over. At the moment dads using my computer at night as his is kaput, so its gotten me being creative. I will get to painting tomorrow.. even if its just with ink on paper. What else? Had breakfast out. Had a great day. Tomorrow I must post a few things to a few friends.



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