Thursday, March 10, 2011


I went for a walk today, changed handbags over to the blue olga berg bag I found at an opshop. I bought the ingredients for the risotto, went into the scrapbooking shop found some beautiful stamps so I bought them. They have inspired me to draw bigger versions of them in colour with pencil and some in letraset markers. So Ive been drawing obsessively since I got home. Wrote a few letters on the back of the ones I dont like. So I would like to paint using these as my base. On the weekend I want to call into the art store get the entry forms for the art contest plus see about the beginners water colour classes. Also buy a goo art journal so I can piece together where im heading with some of my pieces.

I really would like to have an another exhibtion by the end of the year and find a new mentor. I guess its back to the market perhaps next month, if i go like the clappers for the next few weeks and have even more stock that will be great. I guess I will go make a nice cup of apricot... earl grey or perhaps green tea.

So take care out there.

cheers big ears.

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