Friday, March 18, 2011


I have just about spent the week at home, drawing every day for hours on end. Ive been using the oil pastels as im fresh out of card stock. Ive done some lovely pieces. Beautiful colours beaming out at u. So Ive got to take photos of all my work. Its fun to work with colour. Im feeling a bit down still, perhaps going outside a bit more might help.

I watched a cooking show today, (no suprises there) where they made Apple & toffee muffins. I figured the only thing missing is the caramels so Im off to get them tomorrow, we have apples that are not being eaten. Im happy I lost almost a kilo and have hardly done anything other than eating less. Imagine if i threw some walking into the mix?!

I am hopefully heading out tomorrow... not sure where to but somewhere would be good. I am tired of fighting at times. However I have to. Oh lime tree is looking terrific they will be ready in a weekish in which i shall make the lime new york cheesecake with.

Anyhow gots to go.. back later alligator

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