Tuesday, March 22, 2011


photographed some more of my work. Ive been motoring along with. Some pieces I am happy with, others ive tried to well I cant rip any out of my art journal. So ive been covering the ones I dont like over with other drawings ive been doing.

I made some chocolate cookies today. They are not crunchy like normal ones, they are a little soft but rich. Im trying to cook chicken today too, for dinner. Think I over zested it, in the oven now.. must put the potatoes on soon too, they are supposed to cook and be coated with flour etc I ran out of spray oil so i used a brush instead. Im not very good at cooking meat though, about the only time I cook with it is to make the lemongrass and chicken dumplings. I mostly cook vegetarian food. I just checked on them they look delicious, i'm wondering how they shall taste. Hmm.

I got a card from a friend yesterday, lovely to hear from her. Live in the same town but never meet up, such is life. We used to meet up when we both lived in the city.. I think a lot of my friends are there it's a matter of me getting out of hermit mode and meeting up with them. *Sighs*

Welpers I best be off now.. bet check on the potatoes and hope they have not boiled over the stove and make a grand mess to clean up.


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