Friday, February 25, 2011


So late summer, nicola trond and roman were here. They left just two days ago and already i feel a bit forlorn. It was great to have them here, I guess it was quite a busy time. They went to melbs for a few days with one of their good friends Andre, after roman had gotten over a fever. I can put the holiday into point form at the moment:

*spending time with family
*the road trip (Running out of petrol) (thank heavens for lou and allen)

*seeing some beautiful beaches especially the kangaroo one.
*;reminissing about our childhood holidays
*stopping at a beautiful town tilda
eating fish and chips by the beach
*stopping in woolongong and having an interesting thai lychee curry
*sydney, seeing the terracotta soldiers exhibtiion
*having lunch near the opera house
*opera house
*going to a photopraphy exhibition
*eating lunch at Zumbo cafe and the AMAZING macarons there especially the hubba bubba ones.

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