Friday, April 15, 2011

some sort of day

Some sort of day it is lovely sunny but cold at the same time. Went out for a bit grocery shopping etc.. I thought about a few things today especially some old days how I used to be able to go out around the city just to wonder the streets and laneways not buy , just walk. I used to walk absolute hours and love and enjoy it... i guess I should put on my shoes and start shifting those kgs again.. we all have our demons to face.. my biggest hurdle is food... I love it and am passionate about it, i possibly consume too much of it and bake the wrong things. Choices and excuses hold me back.

So this veil I had behind must be removed and I must face my fears. I miss swimming... im not afraid of the water.. i can swim i know that.. maybe not as good as I used to but still its something. So i feel as if im in prison at times... u know I never knew how much of a plan that the other side had for me and I never turned and listened to them.. all those things I could have learned... all the beautiful dreams i used to have.. all faded... I re read my dream book a bit back.. I hade some great ones.. I didnt listen to that higher voice that shone through them.. I went my own way..and didnt follow them.. I missed out I guess. I should have written from them and extended their plots and turned them into short stories or something. Well Ive misplaced that book atm must find it again.

I will write more later gonna do some painting now alligator.


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