Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hello again me, checking in. Had morning tea with mum and carol boweler at her work. Then I went on a shopping spree for my new lil niece Vilde ( meaning strong elf) bought some beautiful clothes and the lady in the shop gave me two beautiuflly tiny knitted hats and some tiny booties for nothing.. so lovely of her.. I think mumj shall only be packing the basics and the rest of the case if going to be baby clothes (from Vildes two crazy aunts) plus a few other items for nicola trond and of course my lil nephew Roman.I spent my birthday money on the little one. Its a good feeling. I do give a lot though. Possibly over generous. The clothes are just so beautiful. I do so hope they will like them. So I'm going to drop some gift cards in to the lady as a thank you. Im sure she can use them in her shop and give them away for nothing. I was at the bus stop just standing waiting. Over the road the bins were out and a handful of crows had gathered.(im not sure if thats enough to call it a murder of crows) So they started to peck and pluck the food from the bins, each taking turn... one of them got a whopping piece of roll and promtly flew off. he others sat around... they sat on the top of the barbed wire polls and i thought that would make a lovely drawing... so im going to try and sketch if out in charcoal later this afternoon. I write to all my pen pals yesterday as it was cold and very cold, I also made lemon sllice and a ricotta lemon and almond tea cake.. which I am going to take up to my aunt's house this afternoon. I have plans bake a few more things this week.. a few suprises for a few people. I guess cooking is another way of being creative but in the kitchen. I wish I could cook better than I bake! Im learning always learning..I would love to be mum who can see things and then adapts it to her own way.. Im a recipe book woman. I tend to stick to cook books or random ones off the internet. My favorite cafe was either broken into and robbed. As the police were there when I went round to get the coffee. Any how.. Im going to go have some lunch now.. hmm im thinking rhubarb, date and apple chutney (That mum and i made) with ham and cheese toasted maybe. Take care out there Ally

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