Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shoe - In

So went to go shoe shopping today. My old shoes are looking a bit tatty. So I have to get some new ones to wear, instead I ended up buying some more canvas, paint and a lovely deep purple cardie. So my top is a real shoein for the shoes i never did find.

I started to paint this afternoon only got to do about half an hour or so and had to come inside due to voices buzzing around my head. Possibly the music from next door, possibly the birds. I retreated and have been looking up recipes for chilli, lemons (as i was given a great big bag). Found a few gems, me thinks.

I havent been watching what I have been eating. I start the diary i forget the diary. I should stick to the diary! So now what? Well its quite getting late here.
Im a lil trired.

nighty night

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