Tuesday, March 16, 2010

colour clash

I thought that the darker colour would be better on the pinks but oh bother its totally wrong. Judge for yourselves. I think that anyhow. I'll have to start another one, perhaps on a smaller canvas.

I only made meringues to go with the lemon sauce of course! I should have made a spare one to try but i thought i'd better not. I mixed a lil of the sauce in a french vanilla yohgurt .. heavenly. I had a phone call from one of mums friends, they love the pesto, relish and lemon saucy butter I made. Saying I should go into business , or when I'm opening a cafe they will book seats there. I could never handle pressure well. I crumble and ring friends and family when i feel something doesn't work. Besty is a bible for cooking at times.

I ve not been reading so much these past few days. I'll have to look for a good book to take with me on my travels. Im still a lil nervous about going. Im not sure how i'm going to go though. Shall see I guess. Its getting closer and closer each day is one step.

ciao for now

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