Thursday, March 18, 2010

here i am...

So i went along to toks (take of kilos sensibly) group last night.. It was good to see that no 32 (my fav number of all time) was free in powerball.. so I chose it to be my number... beating besty at choosing that number as its her fav as well. I dont know why i like that number, just has a good feel to it. Oh i entered the raffle and I won a packet of white chocolate tim tams.. (oh the irony) which are in the fridge and am giving them to dad.

Had besty over for morning tea, lemon curd + meringue =s yum. Plus when I have sweet things I prefer a lovely cup of strong black english breakfast tea. I like the savory/sweet as it creates equilibrium. Sat around chatting for a while,had some um pizza for lunch.

Had to go down the street too, so we walked. I didnt feel like it but made myself go. to the opshops, I looked but i did not buy anything.(though i spotted some nice glass candle holders)( may have to go back there an buy them tomorrow) Finally bought the food and exercise diary so i can start recording everything.

Im not going to join the gym but I am going to go swimming at least once a week. Well sounds like a plan. Just have to make it eventuate. I wonder if I will greet the pool like an old friend,, like it was about 10 years ago. We (well the four of us ) in my family grew up going to swimming carnivals and the like. All of us were lil fishies. I always wished i could be as fast as others, was always told that you swim for yourself and try to beat your own times. I wasn't the fastest by no means. My older sister is though. So i wonder if I will have Murakami kind of moments, (from what i think about when i am running) (something like that) or even some sort of path clearing moments.

Though I got no painting done, what so ever. I will tomorrow.

i have this quote in my head and im not sure who its by but its just repeating in my head over and over. (if you know who its by let me know)I'll finish up with it tonight.

"here i am little lamb"


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