Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today got up around 8ish. The cat, oliver knew their was something up. We picked him up and he scratched and bit mum, so we put took scooter instead. Had to take the pets to have their shots and deworming tablets. Scooter was remarkably good she sat their and didnt bounce around the car like i thought she would. She sat there all the way to traf even on the way home. Now as i type this she is sitting next to me sleeping it all off. As i sat there in the waiting room, a lady walked in with her pomerainian she sat next to me and started to talking. I had recognized her straight away. My old english and religion teacher from high school. She knew who i was too.. started talking to her. She asked if i was writing a lot, i said more painting than anything else, as she said that i loved to write. Of course I do. Im not that great, my imagination is all tied up at the moment! Well it feels that way anyhow.

Later today I did a lil bit of path clearing in my herb garden, so now the basil will grow with a lot more sun beaming down upon it. I have the curry plant and thai basil to plant too. I have a lovely pot filled with thyme, oregano, mint and rosemary. I have got a few pots of herbs on the go at the moment. So i did a lil gardening. Fed my lime tree some seasol solution, some citrus feed and some mulch so hopefully it will cheer up. (fingers crossed)(sorry lou)

So i didn't go swimming , as i did all the running about this morning. I had lunch out and started my food diary, i had a wrap for dinner with salad and little lamb. So im writing everything down now. Its amazing how extensive the list is! errmmm ooopsies. So now the hunt is on to create something out of the massive amount of chillies from the garden. I think an oil or even pickling them might be in order.

thats it for now somehow.


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