Friday, March 26, 2010


I am a fan of a great writer Paulo Coelho on facebook. He puts out his thoughts everyday today its

It is easier to love than to be loved. Accept love: it will not wait at your doorstep forever.

Scotts and Jesses painting finished I photographed them both blues and pinks together.

I had a lifeless looking flat inked tree and in well not typical colours. So I have started shaping out the tree with a palette knife and these chunky paints that i found sitting in the bottom draw and am slowly going to add deeper browns and reds to it so it will morph into a stunning tree (i hope)

This is a background. Not sure what I am going to paint on there just yet. Will do some drawings tonight.

There is an unsmiling feeling around this house today. Nothin has gone right so far. Mum woke up to the sound of running water. To discover a burst pipe on the front lawn. not on the council side.. but on our side. Turned all the water off and at 8 promptly called the plumber. Who rocked up in a flash. Now he patched it up and said that all pipes will have to be redone another time. So he patched up and replaced what was necessary then left to go to another job.

Goody, running water again! Good O. Lucky i did all the washing yesterday. When dad was under the house he discovered another pipe leaking. Hmmph.. oh dear. So now.. let me see... the water was gushing out and the meeter was tick tick ticking over. The plumber cant make it here til monday yeps, great. Waterless. ergh.

The corriander i was going to make the soup with kind o wilted and died was all slimey so i cant makle the soup anymore..and im not up to cooking anything anyhow. I know how off kilter my food tastes when im not in the swing of things.

later gater

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