Saturday, March 6, 2010

the night wind howls come thunder, cometh rain

The evening has commeth with a beautiful free light show across the night sky.. if you look to the mountain rangers its quite spetacular. The grasses will certainly be turning green after the amount of rain we have been having, lets hope that the catchment areas get the most water.

It is morning now and still somewhat dark outside, there were thunderstorms and lightening still, when i woke up at 4:30am. (dont ask why i got up) (I attempted to watch a movie... i lasted about 30 minutes and that was it, back to bed) Perhaps it will ease off at time ticks on.

So I have written a few letters to my pen pals, am reading Alexander Mccallsmiths new installment in his series of No1 Ladies Detective Agency. Its a great read, I love these books and the way he uses his imagination to recreate parts of africa and some addictive characters. I cant wait to get the short mini series they made out of these books. Unfort. though pay tv bought the rights here grrrrr so when I am in the states I shall hunt for it there. I logged on to his website only to my sheer horror he had given two talks here in feburary! ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is so not fair. So I am on the mailing list now, I wont miss out next time. I also put myself on Haruki Murakami list too.

Cometh rain. Now cometh sun slowly slipping itself between the dark clouds. Its now 10amish sunday. I managed to do the back ground of the two canvasses one light pink the other a lovely shade of light blue.. i made some rain out of the pure shimmer pigments I have got. I will be able to finish painting the outline to them shortly.\
I will take some photographs later today. I havde been mixing a lil black calligraphy ink with some black paint.. works out a beautiful smooth lines. These are acrylic, I have the background in oils ready to go after I finish.

It have not written a poem in quite some years, yet as of late I have been penning quite a few. I won't subject you to them as they are not that grand. I cannot believe its only under 5 weeks til I go o/s its creeping up slowly. I shall stop here now for the moment.

in a while crocadile

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