Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Goody goody, I seperated my aloeveara plants, i have many more succulents and herbs, mints mainly. I have to put in a few hours into my patch, its a lil out of control. The dill has re-seeded itself like the never ending chives they love been cut and more grow. I started painting, just mucking around with colour at the moment.

So last night besty and I went and joined a wheightloss social group, so every week there is a weigh in and a bit of laugh. The lady that runs it is absolutely bloody hilarious, I laughed a lot. Though she takes no shit from anyone, is honest and i would say better than joining weight watches or anything. There is a small joining fee and a raffle every week... i won a bottle of mint dish washing liquid.Besty won a tub of margarine. Hilarious.

There is the jazz festival here on labor day weekend, they are after volunteers. Im thinking about it. Also asked us to bake (heaven for me) for the stall. Im going to make double quantity of the mini chocolate cup cakes. I think im going to bake some cookies too, not sure what ones yet. At least then Im no keeping it, or eating it. The money made stays locally. Which is a great thing.

anyhow, i better go now. Need coffee.

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