Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So I went to warragul with besty, I didnt buy too much, lunch and some good ground coffee for the lil espresso sgtove top thingy we have here. Had lunch which was just some wedges.. (naughty naughty) (i know) came back home and sat around chatting for the afternoon. Might have found a solution to the lack of zumba teacher, besty called the warragul one and asked her if she might be able to come and teach it here.

Then last night I remade that drink I had, its so delicious. So came up with something that we are going to do monthly.. go to the city and stay and go on adventures, so we are heading there next month. Will look up some gig guides and things closer to the date. We are going to go to the international food thing at vic market too.

Might possibly go for a day trip or 2 before then. Though I have to save some spending money for o/s, how much will I need for two weeks? Um hmm an empty suitcase that i can fill!

Well that is tuesdays wrap.

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