Sunday, February 21, 2010

to the city and back

So i have not written here in a few days. I went away for the weekend.. left on Friday morning. Mum and I caught the nine thirty train thinking it wouldn't be crowded it was , a packed. I read all the way there still reading the The Solitare Mystery which is a gem of a book, whilst mum slept. By the time we got to the city I was bloody tired. \

Anyhow, we checked into the hotel and just put our suitcases into the room. Then I did want to take mum to bokchoy tan (that does AMAZING chinese food) its in fed square. Instead we ended up at some other chinese place having half as good food. Mum ordered honey chicken I ordered a range of dim sum, bad move. It didnt upset my tummy or anything it just wasn't all that crash hot.

Walked up to fed square and went into a cafe and waited for my friend. I had the nicest drink, it was grapefruit, soda, lime and mint it was so yum.. im going to try and make it at home. (through trial and error) so we just chatted and walked around the city. That night I just spent drawing and reading.

So saturday rocks around, i met up with another friend and took her to the french crepery just just off port phillip arcade. I had apple and cinnamon , whilst she had savory. Excellent coffee there too. After that did a lil shopping, found a wool shop (not that i can knit) then went to the bookstore and got Alexander Macallsmiths newy tale in the No1 Ladies Detective Agency series. I must finish of one book before i start the other.

After that I went back to the hotel room spent the latter part of the afternoon reading and drawing. I enjoyed the view too. That evening, had awful food court food for dinner. It was quite bad. Then mum and i met up with my sister and her husband for a coffee. It was a balmy night so there were heaps of people out and about. I had a little flutter on the pokies, won back what i put in and that was it for me. I just dont know how one can sit there and put heaps of money in.. its such a time-warp
though i would like to try a few other things next time. Like roulette or 21 (whatever the name is for that) .

I went back to the room and read for a bit then drifted off to sleep. Woke up at 9amish. Which is good, as i had no dreams that night. Sunday. Sat at maccas cafe for well over an hour before mum and I met another one of my friends for lunch. I have to start looking at cafes and places to eat again.. as i only know a few spots in v the city now. I caught the train home, which was rather busy, i took in the views and made time go fast by reading and listening to my ipod... mum slept all the way.

Agh i miss the city. I love melbs and would love to move back there. However, for now.. i have to make do with heading there every now and again. I have to get back to painting, as its only 7 weeks before we leave to head to see Scott and Jess in`america and i thought a painting shall be a lovely gift for them. I know the colours too.

well to the city and back mum and I went.

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  1. good idea about the painting ally cat

    wish I was there in melb too.

    love n