Saturday, May 29, 2010

cake disaster

So who thought you should put four cups of cocoa in a cake? Umm me. So it was. My goodness there is no way you can eat it. So tomorrow/tonight i am going to make the red velvet cake correctly.. with four tablespoons of cocoa not cups. Bloody awful its almost like eating cardboard. I got to make it as its mums birthday tomorrow.

I sat and drew for some of the morning. Woke up to scooter barking. At the moment mum is on her way home from the city, I made corn fritters for tea.. plain ones for dad of course.

Well mum got home, laughing at me of course. Then after watching a bit of masterchef..came up with a brilliant idea.... break the cake up, add sweetened condesnsed milk, cointreau and mix well... roll them into balls and coat them in coconut.. potent jaffa balls..! YAY!

I managed to do one drawing only.. the rest of the time i spent on here, reading a lil. So im currently sipping on vanilla tea..

nighty nighty!


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