Thursday, May 13, 2010


So i found a recipe for Pumpkin crumble... im trying it out.. has a lot of herbs and flavour.. i hope it will turn out ok. At the moment the pumpkin is simmering away in the pot with tomato, sage, parsley bay leaf. I am not sure if this will work , A savory version of apple crumble I guess.

I have done little, other than heading out to the shops having a coffee and coming home.. to a mess.. poor oliver was sick all over the floor, so naturally I was sick nearly all over the floor too. If its one thing i cant stand is that.

So I have not painted. I played a few games of scrabble wrote a letter and had bottomless cups of tea. Thinking about things as I go. I cant help but wonder the what if's in my the life. Those moments I am once again mulling over and over and over and they are on a movie news reel through my head perhaps im living in a bit of a time warp and I know its time to move on.

So how does one go about change. I mean big change. Fairly easily... I have to start somewhere. In my muddled self. Any suggestions? I must make it through this dark time and space. Well I got to assemble the pumpkin crumble now and pop it in the oven.


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