Monday, May 17, 2010


I spent the day at home. I made potato and leek soup for dinner. Been drawing.. I drew a fairy for the first time in years. A blue one in pencil. Ive done a few other squiggles really. I need more drawing paper, more watercolour paper and a few other coloured markers. So im due for a trip to my fav art store. I should get some framed pieces framed perhaps, Im not sure.

Ive been having some vivid dreams, but when i wake they disappear. So I am having trouble remembering them. Oh well, not so bad I guess. I have been telling my dad to start writing his memories one page a day, bur he just doesnt seem interested. So i figure why cant i write a page a day.. im not sure what about yet. A page of "poetry"? a page of drawings? A story? character development? Im not sure.

I love the image at night just before mum gets home.. scooter sits in the same spot by the back door... she knows the time, specially when i go o9ut and open the gate. Sometimes oliver joins her. No gardening today. No crying today. Nada. Welpers... ciao for now

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