Friday, May 21, 2010


I was given lemons last week, so not making lemonade, I made some dleicious and addictive lemon shortbread. Im telling you they are so delcious...ive had well um half a dozen. No not good I know but hell they are yummy.

So I have done little today, once again. I managed to squander my time.. flitting between scrabble, baking and waking up at 10am. Sleeping in seems to be my theme of the week. At times I have been scared to go back to sleep, scared of what lie in the darkened dream world. The truth lies there. I am going to make bottled and gourmet things for most peoples birthdays next month,. Next month is crazy time for birthdays.

So its friday night and Im just at home.. so perhaps tomorrow I shall see if i can do something. Im not sure. I do know I need to head to the art store to purchase a "few" things. The book I odrered they said it wouldnt be in for a few weeks... yep its there already. Cant wait.

Anyhow... I think i might crawl into bed with a book very soon.


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