Saturday, May 1, 2010

not so great

Home three days ago and not feelin so great. The trip home was like a nightmare for me. I slept for maybe 8 hours of the 20 odd hours. So we got home safe and sound. I slept a lil in the afternoon til 8pm then stayed up til midnight and woke up at 3am cause dad was having an attack of sorts. So we got the ambulance in and they took him to hospital, we followed in the car. U cant even begin to imagine how much i hate hospitals.. but well i make an exception when its family. It turned out to be a hernia blocking the bowel, they deemed it not serious enough to operate there and then so sent him home with a course of pain killers and now has to go through the process of seeing the surgeon in his consulting suites to set a date for his operation. If he has another attack i will call the ambulance again!!! Its unfortunate but that is how the system works.

So I have had an interesting time these past few days, still a bit jet lagged but should be adjusted in the next few days I feel. I have a mountain of dvds to watch. Which is great, we have enough to get us through the whole of winter! I am not joking either! Let us hope that things pick up a lil bit. Today I just stayed home and looked after dad. Anyhow. We are having chinese for dinner tonight. Its nice to have louise and alen home for a weekend.

well must get going now. Will write more later alligator

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