Friday, May 7, 2010


I have not felt like writing here for the past few days. Ive been a lil bit down, feels like i'm just waiting all the time. For a miricle? Yes perhaps that is so. I watched all of the No1 ladies detective agency too. Its an excellent, excellent series that stays true to the books. The doco at the end is amazing too. Gives you all a detailed account of the actors, how they made the series and authors notes too, they also made a bit about the music they used as well. Its well thought out.

I am still a lil angry with myself. Hung up on things that I cannot change. Its so easy for everyone to say stop your crying, let it go. Its easier said than done. I can only shape my future, even then thats a lil sketchy and on the dodge side of things. So i guess I am not sure.

will write more later its early and I couldnt sleep in any longer.


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