Saturday, May 22, 2010


Had a much more productive day today, went to the art store bought some more colourful markers, drawing paper and some canvas. So im ready to paint my owls now, though Ive been drawing all these pretty trees. They are so cute. I want to get some of it made into wrapping paper and some prints done up. I have a kind of growing folio now.

Went to the yarrogn market, bought my favorite olive bread, mum got some earrings. We had a coffee out. Looked around.So the morning was great afternoon i spent with my new markers and watching The Closer, which is a great show.

Oh had good news, finally can send off framed pictures to my friend. YAY! Anyhow. Im so wired for sound right now.. I had a lattee at 6pm and its now gone 11 goodness how am i to sleep?

welpers I will write more later alligator

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