Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sat round this morning waiting for a person to show... however once again they never did and I got annoyed so I left. I left a message for them on their answering service to say that Id only wait til 11.. that rocked around and still no show... so I left. I walked down the road bought some paper so i can make my lil sisters birthday card, checked the mail box, walked to kmart got a few pairs of stockings a bit of lipstick and a few other things. I decided to walk home. I was absolutely starving by the time I got home all I was on was porridge coffee and water had a vegemite on bread for lunch. Thats what I felt like.

Well Im a bit of a happy camper today, must be partly the weather too so sunny and nice. Ive got a few things I have to do today some of which ive done. I feel like getting out the sun lounge and plonking myself down in the sun and reading a book or something. Ive got about 4 books on the go, not such a great thing to do but oh well. Anyhow Im re reading a book that i forgot the plot to, set in india about one guy who takes off and climbs up a tree and everyone thinks he is a crackpot until he starts addressing peoples problems etc and then they start believing in him. Its funny and clever and Im enjoying reading it.

Anyhow I guess I better get a move on.

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