Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have neglected writing here for quite some time now.. almost over a month. I guess i just have not bothered at all. I have a journal so i have been writing things down I guess.. ive been recording my dreams there too. I love dreaming. Possibly cause I like that world better than this one at times.. its sad i think I live more there than I do here at the moment. *sigh*

Lets see casting my memory back... I hope to head to the city some day and stay a weekend at a friends house. Something like that. I bought clare bowditch new album its really bloody good and i recommend it, highly. I also purchased the sound track to winner and losers. I like the show, there are some good songs on the album.

So I ave found myself reading a bit and watching dvds a lot. I have done no art work for a while... it all came to a grinding halt. Im hosting a pity party right now.. crying and crying over some little things. I have to pull myself together and go and cook dinner in minute. I also found out i have tonsilitus atm and my throat hurts like crazy, dry and sore, the dr i saw was just horrible and very uncaring. So ive been sleeping a lot these past few days, getting in a lot of zzzzzzzs waking up at 9amish. At times going to bed at 9pm.

Anyhow I better get going write more later alligator.


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